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Encouraging wild birds into your garden can be a great pleasure. At Paull’s we stock an excellent range of wild bird foods, feeders, nesting boxes and feeding stations.

Gardens occupy more land than all the UK's nature reserves combined. Our garden department managers, Wendy and Sharron, know what a joy it is to have wildlife visit your garden. So, to make it easy for you to encourage wildlife into your garden we provide all the food, habitats and accessories you might need.

At Paull’s we can help you attract wild birds into your garden in a number of ways. We have a superb range of loose bird foods, including peanuts, nyger seeds, sunflower seeds and everyday seed mixes available in small and large bags. We also have a range of hanging suet and coconut blocks.

To accompany our bird food selection we stock a comprehensive range of bird feeders and feeding stations. We stock squirrel proof feeders, heavy duty, Nyjer and Sunflower seed feeders, fun animal shaped and ornate decorative bird feeders, as well as a range of attractive table feeders and hanging feeding stations.

To encourage the birds to stay in your garden after they have eaten Paull’s has a lovely range of birdhouse and nesting boxes available in a range of colours. And if you would like to encourage more wildlife than just birds into your garden, we also keep insect houses and hedgehog food and treats as well.

Our garden expert Wendy will be happy to help you find what you need in our garden department.