Pet Supplies

We have a great range of pet bedding in store at Paull’s including soft cat and dog beds as well as hay and straw bedding for our smaller furry friends


Our pet bed collection is by far the best in the area, with suppliers such as the famous Danish Design by Susanne Mortensen, Happy Pet, Ancol and many more.

For cats and Dogs we stock a fantastic range of soft and plastic beds. Our soft beds are available in a range of sizes and attractive designs. Many of our soft pet beds are machine washable too, making it easy to give your pets a comfortable and clean place to sleep.

For smaller pets such as rabbit’s and guinea pigs we keep packs of straw, hay and wood shavings in small and large packs. We also have soft cotton wool like bedding for hamsters, gerbils and pet mice.

Our pet bed collection accompanies a fantastic range of pet food, accessories and toys, which means you can get everything you need for your pets on your doorstep.