We have a wide range of bricks and blocks in stock including concrete blocks, aircrete blocks, engineering bricks, facing bricks and more.


Bricks and concrete blocks are a common and standard material in modern day structures. Our range of concrete blocks, regrade bricks, engineering bricks and facing bricks will all suit various projects.

Our concrete blocks are of a standard length and width and come in either 75mm (Three inch), 100mm (Four inch) or 140mm (Between five and six inch). They are very dense and are used in general building projects.

Alongside the standard concrete blocks are our Toplite blocks, which are available only 100mm (Four inch). They are a similar size to the regular concrete blocks, but are much lighter, less dense and easier to handle, reducing building time.

Our regrade bricks are the most common brick of all and are ideal for a cheap economic masonry structure which provide a good general build quality. Our facing bricks provide the same quality, but are of different colours.

Our engineering bricks are perfect in areas that require strength, durability and protection from water.

All our blocks and bricks are available individually or in pallet sizes. Delivery Available.