Ready, steady, bake!


For all of the professional and non-professional bakers out there, Paull’s stock everything you might need to cook up superb cakes, pies and puddings. Our bakeware range includes mixing bowls, scales, baking tins, cake boards and aprons.

Any baker knows that one of the most important parts of baking is weighing out your ingredients accurately. We have both high quality mechanical or digital scales in stock at Paull’s.

If you don’t want to tire your muscles out mixing your cake batter by hand, we stock excellent Tower hand held mixers and blenders. And of course you will need something to mix your ingredients in! We keep ceramic and glass bowels in a range of sizes.

What’s more we have a fantastic range of different sized and shaped cake tins, including muffin, quiche, square and round cake tins. We also stock silver cake boards in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can show off the finished product!

Finally, to make sure you not only look the part but also stay clean and safe whilst cooking, we stock a selection of attractive aprons and oven gloves.