In our Automotive department, you will find a selection of motoring essentials for the car lover or just to keep your motor in top shape for the months ahead.
We stock the leading brands such as Comma, Prestone, Simoniz, Armorall, Turtle Wax, T-Cut, Q8, Jelly Belly, Magic trees and so on!

Whether you are topping up on some oil or giving your motor some love with a wash, wax and polish, we have you covered with our range of products to clean, care for and to maintain.

We refresh our selection during the seasons so you will have your deicer or shampoo at just the right time, when you need it and also with constantly changing product lines in the car world, we keep onto of the latest products so you don’t have to.

Our product range includes exterior and interior cleaning, essential motor oils under the hood, cleaning mitts and cloths, footpump and auto pumps, spare bulbs and so much more!

With regular weekly stock orders, your motor can be cared for quickly and efficiently at Paulls. If you can’t find what you are looking for in store, please ask any member of staff who will be pleased to help.