Paull’s has a large selection of batteries in stock. As well as all standard batteries we also stock a very wide range of watch batteries.


At Paull’s you can find a wide choice of batteries ranging from well known brands like Duracell to batteries on a budget. Weather you are stocking up your household battery supply for when that important electrical item stops working, or buying a specific replacement battery, we will be pleased to help you find the battery you are looking for.

Rechargeable batteries are not only good for the environment but are also a good investment. We sell varying sizes or rechargeable batteries as well as rechargeable batteries specifically for solar lights. We also have the all important chargers in stock.

If your watch stops Paull’s staff will be happy to help you! If you are not sure what watch battery you require just ask any of our staff and they will be pleased to help you find the right one for your watch. Watch batteries, otherwise known as coin cell batteries, are also used in calculators, car key fobs and hearing aids.

Don't forget to look out for excellent deals on battery packs in store at Paulls.