Our range of packed cements, plasters and mortars covers all requirements from standard through to specialist jobs.


Cement is by far the most common building substance around, so why be without it? We always keep our cement highly stocked so you'll never be caught without it. It is supplied in a waterproof plastic bag, which makes life much easier for you when you're working outside in wet conditions, keeping the cement dry.

Alongside our cements, we also keep a range of different plasters including multi-finish, one coat, hardwall and bonding coat, all of a high quality. We also keep small bags of ready mix postcrete - also known as rapid post mix or post fix - to keep your fencing posts stable and in check. All of our bags of cements, plasters and limes are stocked readily in 25kg bags.

Accompanying our plasters are our assortment of plasterboards. Commonly used for walls and ceilings, we have many different types of board to suit whichever job you're doing.

Whether you're laying foundations or building walls, we will be able to supply. Even if you're an inexperienced DIYer, we can offer expert advice on what materials would be best to use for the job.