From foot pumps to bungee cords, stock the boot of your car with essential accessories so that you are never caught out in an emergency.


When you’re caught without that vital tool on the side of the road, it can be frustrating and time consuming. Here at Paull’s, we keep a large range of car accessories to for long journeys, short trips and car maintenance. Whether you are a new or old driver you will find exactly what you need in store to keep your motor fully equipped.

We stock a range of foot pumps with various fittings to adapt to most tyres, inclusive of most vehicles including bicycles. We also stock 12V air compressors which make the job much easier. Fuses are available in assorted packs accommodating the most common automotive fuses.

You can never find a bungee cord when you need one, but they’re all over our accessory department, available individually, or in larger packs in situations where one bungee cord just won’t do!

New drivers can find solace with our packs of learner plates. If you’re travelling abroad, first aid kits are now necessary in every vehicle. At Paull’s we stock AA Car first aid kits which contain a range of first aid equipment.

Even on small journeys, oil cans or jerry cans are always handy to have in the boot in case your vehicle is caught short. And of course, in this day and age, where would you be without somewhere to charge your phone or tablet? We keep a selection of 12V USB car chargers to keep your devices juiced up on the road!

Our vehicle range doesn’t just include cars - we have a range of bike tools and accessories available too! These include bike lights, repair kits, pumps, levers and even bicycle bottles.