At Paull’s you can find all the electrical fittings that you need locally. Plugs, adaptors, switches, sockets and more.


Need to replace a socket or a pull switch? We've got it covered. Whether you are undertaking an electrical DIY project at home or you are an electrician by trade, you can find what you need to complete your project locally at Paull’s of Martock.

We stock switches and sockets from the Nexus brand. These include USB sockets, an excellent product which allows you to charge your phone or tablet straight from the wall without the need for adaptors.

Paull’s also stocks plugs and adaptors, including travel adaptors, multi socket adaptors and circuit breakers as well as junction boxes and patress boxes.

What’s more if you are fitting a new light we have lamp fittings and pull switches in store.

If you need assistance to find the right electrical fitting, just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff when you visit our shop.