There is always housework to be done! Get those chores finished with the help of Paull’s of Martock.


Whether you are mopping the floor, doing the dishes or washing the kids football kit, we have everything you need in store to get the job done. Our excellent range of cleaning products includes cleaning accessories, cleaning sprays and liquids, bins and clothes air dryers.

We always have a large selection of spray, powder and liquid cleaners in stock. These include oven cleaners, window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners as well as Eco cleaning products. Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to recommend the best quality cleaning product for a particular task, so you will always come away with the best product for the job.

We have excellent quality indoor air dryers and outdoor rotary lines. We also stock a range of hoovers, vacuums and mops for keeping your floor looking spotless. Our hoover range always includes high quality brands including Henry hoover and VAX. To accompany our vacuum range we always have a large selection of hoover bags to fit most household hoovers.

Finally we stock all those essential smaller cleaning items, such as sponges, rubber gloves, cloths, wire wool, scourers as well as wide selection of bin liners and compost caddies.