There is nothing better than sitting by a blazing fire when it is cold, wet and wintery outside.We have everything you need to kit out your fireplace at Paull’s.


Starting with the most important element of your fire - the fuel! We stock well priced log and coal nets. We also have packs of firelights and bottles of lighter fuel, so that you can get those flames burning.

What’s more we stock attractive, wicker log baskets as well as cast iron fire companion sets, which include a brush, spade and a fork. I’m sure you will agree that Paull’s have everything you need to keep your open fire burning bright!

But if you don’t have a real fire at home, we can still help you stay warm and cosy in those chilly winter months. We stock high quality halogen and convector heaters, seasonally.

Most fireside products are only available seasonally in the autumn and winter months. If you would like to check that we have a particular fireside product in stock, simply ring Paull’s on 01935 822204.