Don’t go all the way into town to buy the products you need to maintain your shoes. Paull’s stock everything in you need to keep your shoes looking great. We have a range of shoe brushes and polishes in a selection of colours. To protect your shoes from the elements we have waterproofing spray, dubbin and leather treatment. What’s more Paull’s stock insoles and shoes laces if you need to replace worn out ones.

For our gardeners, Paull’s keep a fabulous selection of gardening gloves. We have value double packs of gloves, heavy duty hard wearing gloves as well as a selection of pretty patterned gardening gloves in our garden centre.

When the weather turns cold, Karen our clothing buyer always has plenty of reasonably winter essentials in stock- warm hats, scarves, socks and gloves.

Finally If we are lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine or if you are off on holiday, Paull’s has sunhats and caps.

Ask our clothing buyer Karen to help you find the items you need when you visit our shop.