Our car department has been expanding recently, especially our maintenance range. At Paull‘s we stock a wide choice of useful maintenance products to keep your car up to code and on the road!

To maintain the smooth running of your engine Paull’s have a selection of engine oils to accommodate most vehicles. From the popular WD40 range we have oils, lubricants and grease, in both small tubs and cartridges to fit grease guns. We also keep some of the more obscure liquids such as power steering fluids and brake fluids which are suitable for most vehicles.

To keep your windscreen looking sparkling clean we sell concentrated screen wash sold in either 1L or 5L bottles. And for the icy winter months we have a selection antifreeze products, de-icers and ice scrapers.

If your headlights, brake lights or even indicator bulbs have blown, we stock a small range of the most popular vehicle light bulbs. Finally to top off the range, we also keep a small selection of body fixing fillers to fix any small holes your car might have, including holes in your exhaust.

Our staff members can advise you on the best maintenance product for your car. We are always happy to discuss our car maintenance products with you.