We stock a wide range of Sand & Scalping in both 25kg, Maxi bags and loose. Available in store or by delivery.


Paull's Sand and Scalping range is one of the widest around.

We keep a vast amount of sands to cater for all of your different requirements, as well as sand and chipping mixes - even two different types of scalpings to make your building project easier. Tradesmen can find exactly what they require in our builder's yard in an array of quantities to suit any project. We are able to supply to you in quantities ranging from 25kg bags to loads loose by the tonne, in large jumbo Maxi bags which can be delivered, and even loads of 18 tonnes from our supplier direct to your site.

We also cater for the smaller projects of the public. For example, if you're looking to lay down an area of patio slabs, build a wall or even a house, or maybe just fill up the little one's sandpit, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with picking which sand would be best for the job, which scalping should be used as a base for your work (should you require it), and even calculate how much material you would need for a certain area!

We’re around to make your life easier, feel free to ask us any time and building advice and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.