Patio Calculator

Calculate how many paving slabs are needed for your patio project by entering your patio and slab dimensions…


  • Measure the length and the width of the area. Measure in metres and part metres. For example, 10 feet would be 3.05 metres. If the area is irregular, break the calculation down into a series of smaller rectangles and add together.
  • Enter the height and width dimensions of the area and your chosen slabs in to our easy calculator. You may be surprised as the results are often more than you think.
  • Enter the percentage you wish to allow for wastage.
  • Enter the expected joint size.

If you would like to calculate how much sand and cement is required for your patio project, simply visit our Patio Mortar Calculator page.

If in doubt, please call and we will be happy to help you work out your requirements.