With the world of lightbulbs ever-changing, we keep up with the many different varieties – old and new! Ask our staff to help you find the bulb that you need.


We have a great range of bulbs in stock at Paull’s of Martock. These are available in a range of shapes including pearl, candle, spiral and come in both bayoneted and screw fittings. As well as standard bulbs we have specialist bulbs for specific household appliances such as fridge lamp bulbs, oven lamps bulbs, sign lamp bulbs and cooker hood lamp bulbs.

If you undertaking a craft project, sewing project or doing some oil painting, we also have blue craft bulbs in store. These bulbs provide a neutral light which will mean colours appear as if they would in daylight.

For creating a colourful light display in your garden or home, we have round coloured bulbs as well as standard coloured bulbs. And if you need to replace a florescent strip bulb, we also have a great range of these as well.

Energy saving bulbs are a fantastic way to care for the environment and, although more expensive initially, will reduce your household energy bills long term. Paull’s has both standard energy saving bulbs and the new LED energy saving bulbs in stock. These come in a selection of shapes and fittings. Any of our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on choosing the best energy saving bulb for your needs.

James our electrical buying manager has an excellent knowledge of the ever changing world of the light bulb. So, if you need a replacement bulb or advice on new bulbs we will be happy to help you find the right one.